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What we do ?

Creating an organized platform for Sustainable 360 degree solution for plastic waste generated by industries at point of source

Dispose printed laminates waste

Dispose printed laminates waste

Green RecykloPLast implements Eco friendly methods to Dispose flexible industry printed laminate waste

If not disposed accordingly, industrial multi layer plastic laminates takes 600 years to Bio Degrade.

Life cycle: Industrial plastic waste to value added products

Life cycle: Industrial plastic waste to value added products

Begining with the plastic waste Collection at the industry point of source, segregation of the same at Green RecykloPLast facility.

Processing the plastic waste with the help of machineries and blend with a required addon leading to the formation of granules which would in-turn be formualted into required value added products

Our Business Scope

Here Green RecykloPLast focuses mainly upon multi layer plastic waste discarded from the factories

Converting Companies
Converting Companies
Customer Packaging Lines
Customer Packaging Lines

Industrial Plastic waste to value added products

After processing, the granules are transformed into desirable value added products


Efficient Collection & Segregation

Fair & transparent deal

Efficient waste Management

Traceability & Accountability

Value Added proposition

Comply with Govt. Regulations

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